Wednesday, 18 March 2009


The strange thing was not that Ed's forever food turned out to be Sun Chips, a very specific and salty choice, but that Imo agreed with him. (French Onion flavour, they said together,when I asked -- with that Duh! tone of voice indicating a completely idiotic question.)
Oh, yeah, she said, licking her lips. Good one, Ed. Hey, I'm starved. Why don't we get some Sun Chips right now!
And a movie! said Ed.
And chocolate milk! Come on, Dad!
Sure! I said.
Their faces lit up like a movie set. They pulled me downstairs.
But why stop there? Why not a new car for each of you! And plane fare to Hawaii. And winning lottery tickets!
In the glum and sudden silence I could hear the water boiling under the broccoli pot.
Too soon? I said.
The phone rang. Sam, calling from Kingston with an important question.
Hey Dad, if the instructions for the essay say no more than ten pages, how long should it really be?
Oh, eight pages, I said. Maybe nine.
Another silence. I drained the broccoli.
Eight pages. Not ... four, huh? said Sam.
Hey, Sam, I said. If there was one food you had to eat forever, and it couldn't be Sun Chips, what would you choose?
I should have known better.
Why can't it be Sun Chips?
Got to go, I said. Dinner time.
The picture, by the way, is of Steve Jobs. Have you tried these suckers? he told a stunned crowd who were expecting news about a different kind of chip. They're fantastic!

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