Sunday, 26 April 2009

brother tattoos

I don't blog much about weather. Have you noticed? Certain themes seem to recur in these pages (I don't know what else to call them -- pixels, cyberspaces, ways from me to you), but I have avoided the physical atmosphere. Weather is important to our daily selves, affecting mood and clothing choices and travel plans and home repair, and a whole lot of other things I can't come up with right now because I haven't had enough coffee. Which is a topic that does crop up here from time to time. Today I am drinking the results of a roast from Sumatra, dark and earthy flavoured, cone filtered and piping hot. Good stuff. But I was talking about the weather. Sitting down at my parents' computer this morning I notice that it is foggy out.
Yup, foggy. So foggy that the apartment building across the park is not visible, as it usually is.
Well well.
That seems to be it. I don't have much to say about the weather. So let me revert to another common theme here at Sam and Ed told me that they are thinking of getting brother tattoos.
Sounds friendly, I said. You mean you will each get a Star of David on your arm? Or a lightning bolt? Or a dancing pixie?
They shook their heads as one head. We don't want the same tattoo, Dad, said Sam. That would be lame. We're going to get tattoos that are related.
Like the Karamazovs, I said, helpfully.
What are you talking about?
They're related, I said.
Sam explained that they were talking about pictures that relate to each other. But they didn't know which symbols would work best. I was happy to help out. I like the idea of paired symbols. Sun and moon, hearts and flowers, baseball and bat, alpha and omega. But of course these were all too lame.
How about if I get a ... knife tattoo? said Ed.
Yes, I said quickly, and Sam could get a fork.
They moved to another room, talking between themselves. Ah, well.
I look up from the computer. Still foggy.


Anonymous said...

Suggest paper & scissors. Then you could get a tattoo of a rock.


Richard Scrimger said...

If I ever consider a tattoo for myself, rock it will be.