Wednesday, 25 August 2010

b mcgivern, you suck

Okay, here is the object of my righteous wrath. The name is McGivern. B. McGivern. And he or she should be ashamed of themselves. This McGivern is a parking officer, a sad wanna-be cop with a book of tickets and a chip on the shoulder. It's too bad that I don't have a visual here -- I'd like to know if I am steaming at a Brenda McGivern or a Brian McGivern. (Benito is probably closer -- as in Mussolini. There is a fascistic authority-worshipping side to officers who hand out parking tickets.)

Yes, I have had parking tickets before. And I have resented every officer responsible for writing me up. But not the way I resent B McGivern. Because, you see, he (or she) is not only megalomaniacal insecure and full of rage and powdered sugar -- all ticketers are like this -- but also completely in the wrong.

The ticket reads: FAIL TO PROPERLY DISPLAY PARKING PERMIT. Think about that for a second. I purchased a parking permit. I went online and gave the city my credit card number, and the city gave me permission to park on the street for a week. B McGivern knows this. The ticket did not read: PARK WITHOUT PERMIT. B McGivern read my permit, knew it was valid. But B McGivern decided to ticket me anyway, because my permit was placed sideways on my dash, instead of straight up and down. (If you were wondering, that's how you properly display your permit -- straight up and down.) B McGovern had to turn his or her head for a second to read my permit, and that second was one second too many for B McGivern.

I don't think B McGovern feels any shame. They probably weed out candidates who possess the softer human emotions during parking officer training.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing flexibility isn't in that job description. But still!

May the fleas of a thousand camels infestation his/her armpits.


Stephen said...

Common sense has gone out of the window. This shows just how dim and ignorant McGivern is and how bad the training scheme has been. Maybe you were also a victim of league tables?

Richard Scrimger said...

thanks guys. sympathy is sympathy.

Anonymous said...

I just got a ticket from this B. McGivern, I was dropping my son off at school and he was parked across the street. For the 1 minute it took for my son to unbuckle himself and get out of the car this parking officer walked over and placed a ticket on my windshield. The infraction reads "park in permit location without a valid permit" One day he will realize that was goes around comes around.

His description: White male,35-40, medium build, moustache and rectangular prescription glasses. Hangs around jane/bloor area doing his dirty deed.

Richard Scrimger said...

Aha! A medium male with a moustache and no morals. I feel your pain, Anonymous.

Any more McGivern sightings out there?

Anonymous said...

On April 23rd, 2011 I got a parking ticket from McGivern. I dropped a passenger and stayed in place with a motor running for about 3 min hoping for a parking opening in front of me. When I decided to drive around looking for a parking, a big white van pulled over behind me blocking me from moving since I was very close to the front car. I waited for the van to move... But no such luck since it was driven by righteous McGivern. With a glee all over his face he mocked my attempt at explanation rendering me speechless and gave me a ticket. I think at this moment this otherwise very insignificant person imagined himself to be A PERSON WITH ENORMOUS AUTHORITY OVER OTHER PEOPLE. Is this how fascism begins?

Anonymous said...

this fuck face give me a parking ticket while i was take something out of my car...i have a picture of him