Thursday, 13 January 2011

mcgivern redux

There is news on the McGivern front.

McGivern, you will recall, is the police officer who kept giving me tickets even though I had paid for my parking spot. I have since moved from Bloor West Village, but it appears that B McGivern has not. An alert blog reader sent me a message confirming McGivern as a big fat wiener. This poor reader was ticketed by McGovern during the one minute it took for the reader's kid to exit the car on his way to school in the Jane/Bloor area.

And now we know what McGivern looks like. Watch out for a mid-sized 35-40 year old male with glasses and a moustache. At least, that's what he looks like on the outside. Inside, of course, he is a worm filled with corruption and spite, a pathetic puerile piranha of the parking meter.

Be alert, B McGivern! Justice is coming to get you. You won't know the form it will take (I am thinking of a banana peel or incontinent Labrador retriever) or the hour of its coming. But you are in its sights. My faith is sure.


Marilyn said...

And he's only 35-40? He'll be even grouchier in 10 years!!

Richard Scrimger said...

No no. Justice will have been visited upon him by then, and he will be humble and helpful and hairless.

Anonymous said...

N'inquiete pas. Il ya toujours le Banane du Karma!

Anonymous said...

He is 50 to 60 years old unless his sour demeanour makes him look older.