Saturday, 2 July 2011


I'm carless and elder-daughterless for a bit. The one has left me with the other. For the next month or so Thea will be exploring highways and byways and (knowing my car) transmission service centers and brake specialists across this great land of hers. Of course I went through the usual sentimental Dad visions of my little girl behind the wheel (see picture) but on the whole I am neither worried nor terribly bereft. I figure it'll do me good to walk or bike around, and when I have to go out of town I'll have Messrs Go and ViaRail and Mesms Hertz and Budget lining up to help me. I'll be fine. Odd to look out my front window and not see the car, though. In a way, odder than not seeing the daughter.

Speaking of whom, my other daughter, the practical joker, has finally got my attention -- by hiding my iPod. I'm not plugged into the thing but I do use it regularly, and noticed its absence yesterday. After the picture moving incident, I figured that this was by design rather than chance. I called Imo this morning and was rewarded by (and rather moved to hear) her squeal of delight.

Come on, where is it? I asked.
Keep looking,
she said. You'll find it. It's not far away.

Got a cold?
she said. You sound all stuffy.
I'm fine. Where's my iPod?
Another squeal.
Does Ed know where you put it? Does anyone?
Thea knows. She thought it was a great hiding place.
I sighed. Thea had driven off about a half hour ago.


Marilyn said...

I think I like Imo. She sounds like fun.

Richard Scrimger said...

Fun -- from a distance. Up close I am missing my music!

Heather said...

I owned an Ipod for about 24 hours. Then I let my sister borrow it. That was two years ago. Glad I don't own a car.

I like Imo, she has style. I used to take my Mom's stuff, wrap it up and give it back to her for Christmas...hopefully you won't have to wait that long Richard. Hey, remember transistor radios? Do they still make them?

Richard Scrimger said...

If old record players are hot right now, transistor radios should be back in style soon ...

Anonymous said...

I had imagined you with a ham radio, making all the truckers laugh as they hauled their oranges north from Florida this winter.

Glad to hear you found your i-Pod though, and that you won't have to wait for Christmas.