Saturday, 24 January 2009

Obama blah blah

I was visiting a school in Ontario on the day of the inauguration, and the principal asked if I would mind having my presentation cut short so that the fifth and sixth grade students could watch.
You mean they would miss question time with a Canadian children's author in order to witness history? I said.
Uh, yeah, he said.
Sounds good.
I was hoping for perspective, and I got it. The kids were excited at the idea of watching TV in the gym, and cheered every time the President paused in his speech. When it was over I followed them out the door, and listened hard to their conversation. A lot of it was lunch related: what they were going to eat, where they were going to sit with. There were some things said about a girl named Leslie -- none of them complimentary. Two guys were shoving each other, not meaning it. Someone had a nose bleed, and had to lie down.
I asked the kids what they thought of the new President.
There was a pause.
He's okay, said someone.
He's historic, right? said someone else.
He's kind of ... boring, one guy admitted.
I smiled and smiled. Ah, grade six. I'd rather have eaten my own sweatshirt than listen a politician make a speech. And if I had had to listen, I'd have drawn cars and guns and tic-tac-toe games on my arm to stay awake.
The kids are all right. Even Leslie is probably all right. She sounds like a bit of a pain, though.


Marilyn said...

You should have told the principal you were willing
to eat your own sweatshirt. Then the kids could have made the choice to watch that or "history".
For sure they'd go for the sweatshirt, and they wouldn't be bored for a second.

Richard Scrimger said...

Sadly, I am not the boy I was. Been a while since I've eaten a sweatshirt. I may have lost the knack. RS

rocker4445 said...

wow be quiet obama is da bomb and hes more famous then you. and so you know...... MONKEYS WILL RULE THE WORLD ONE DAY!!! AND THEN CATERPILLARS WILL!!!!THEN PROBABLY NAKED MOLE RATS!!!!


Richard Scrimger said...

Of course you're right about Obama. Very much da bomb. Maybe you're right about the mole rats too. RS

Anonymous said...

Why were the mole rats naked?

Because they had eaten their sweatshirts of course.